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Christina Hodson’s ‘Bumblebee’ tackles Transformers franchise with heart and humor

Hodson is one of the women in the genre on the rise in the industry, landing on the Blacklist three times before being tapped for Bumblebee. We’ll next see her name in the DC Universe with Birds of Prey (the Harley Quinn film starring Margot Robbie) and Batgirl. She’ll also be living out a childhood dream: working on an original script with Spielberg.


Maria Pulera wants to embrace the weird and wild in ‘Between Worlds’

Written and directed by Maria Pulera, the genre-bending Between Worlds weaves supernatural horror and erotic thriller together to create a wild, sometimes campy, often funny ride.


Romance, class and heists in Stacy Cochran’s ‘Write When You Get Work’

Stacy Cochran takes a similar approach with her new romantic dramedy/heist film Write When You Get Work. In the world of New York high finance and Manhattan private schools, have-not Johnny (Finn Wittrock) pursues his ex-Ruth (Rachel Keller), an admissions officer, and gets entangled in the lives of the Nobles (Emily Mortimer and James Ransone), two haves about to lose everything.


‘Jeff Tries to Save the World’ in Kendell Goldberg’s debut film

Writer-director Kendell Goldberg, making her feature debut with Jeff Tries to Save the World (an extension of the short she made in college). Despite it’s big title, Goldberg has created an intimate and sweet story about Jeff (played by Jon Heder in one of his best performances) who takes great pleasure in his work as a bowling alley manager.


‘The Long Dumb Road’ offers modern take on buddy-road movie

For audiences who love annual viewings of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, there’s a new road comedy out in select theaters and on-demand. The Long Dumb Road is a bit of left turn from Hannah Fidell, whose previous dramas A Teacher and 6 Years, focused on deeply flawed women. The Long Dumb Road may be a […]


DOC NYC: ‘The Providers’ hopes to bridge healthcare divide

The bottleneck remains in these parts of the country, even with dedicated providers, including those documented in Laura Green and Anna Moot-Levin’s new film, The Providers. Focusing on the El Centro Family Health clinics in New Mexico, the staff of doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistance work to provide the care their neighbors deserve.