Giorgi Plys-Garzotto is a journalist and copywriter living in Brooklyn. She is thrilled to join the FF2 Team. She especially loves writing about queer issues, period pieces, and the technical aspects of films. Some of her favorite FF2 pieces she's written are her review of The Game Changers, her feature on Black Christmas, and her interview with the founders of the Athena Film Festival! You can also find more of her work on her website!

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Chevolution tells an incomplete story of an iconic photo

We’ve all seen the Che photo that half of our high school classmates wore on their shirts, but not many of us know the artistic and political history of this iconic image. Documentarian Trisha Ziff illuminates the story of how a casual photo became an international symbol of revolution. (GPG: 4/5) Review by Contributing Editor […]


The Vow From Hiroshima tells a global story from the first person

The horrors of Hiroshima come to life from the first person in eyewitness testimony from a survivor, along with the discoveries of a filmmaker trying to uncover her family’s history with the disaster. Mitchie Takeuchi goes on a journey with us in this documentary, while forging a strong bond with international nuclear disarmament activist and […]


Anna Waterhouse depicts white people getting uncomfortable about race

A testament to what white writers can do to raise awareness of anti-racism issues lies in Anna Waterhouse’s recent work on Seberg and Race. These films are aware both of the urgency of these issues, and the often uncomfortable conversations that need to happen in order for change to be made. Seberg and Race were […]


Elisa Shoenberger presents a revelatory analysis of Cuban Posters from her personal collection

I went to an art exhibit last week. How did I do that, you may ask, when the coronavirus is still spreading and New York is only up to outdoor dining in the reopening process? Atlas Obscura hosted a talk on Zoom about Cuban Propaganda Art, featuring posters from the wide collection owned by guest […]


‘Ovid And The Art Of Love’ a modern twist on Ancient Roman poet

It took my roommate about an hour and 30 minutes into Ovid and the Art of Love before he turned to me and said “Oh, that Ovid?!” Someone had just mentioned the Metamorphoses and something suddenly clicked. I said, “Yes, that Ovid.” In hindsight, my friend says that he was probably hitting his quarantine coping […]


Star-studded ‘Call Your Mother’ doc finds the funny for Mother’s Day

Every comedian has the bit they tell about their mothers, and producer Caroline Hirsch has fleshed out that bit into an entire documentary, Call Your Mother. Founder/Owner of famed comedy club Carolines on Broadway & the New York Comedy Festival, Hirsch talks to FF2 Media about her career of producing star-studded comedy shows, as well […]