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Diamond Fiddler - Laden with Happiness and Tears

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This book is for all the directors and dramaturges, all the cast members on stage and all the crew members behind the scenes, who will pool their talents to present new productions of Fiddler on the Roof from 2017 to 2039. As you gather in high schools, colleges, and community theaters
, as you travel from city to town on road tours, whatever country you live in and whatever language you speak, I hope this book will be a reliable companion. I hope you will find answers in these pages to the many questions I know you will have. I hope my words will help you beckon to the fiddler so that you can bring him with you on your journey. And most important, I hope that through you, new audiences will come to see the many facets of this brilliant Jerome Robbins diamond.

And to the rest of you, to budding feminists and learned acade

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